Where those with an Asperger Profile are respected, valued, and thrive.

And that's why all of our programs are designed or implemented by someone with Autism/Asperger's.

Our mission is to listen, empower, and validate Asperger Profile teens, adults, and their families in a safe community where skills and tools are shared to build purposeful, meaningful, and harmonious lives. Not only are those with Asperger Profile our clients, they are an integral part of the design and implementation of our programs and services.

Who we serve

Teens & Young Adults

Start looking to the future and begin paving the road for the smoothest transition possible from middle school to high school and then high school into adulthood. Our LifeMAP coaches are here to partner with you and your family and supporters through this process.


Let’s figure out life as an adult together, from building relationships, to living independently, finding a routine, college or work and so much more. The OurTism team is here to work alongside you as you build the life you want to live.


You are not alone! Get a greater understanding of your child. Learn about the challenges and gifts of the Autism community from those who have lived it. Our parent coaches are here for you!

We're here for you

We call our services the OurTism advantage: A transformative bridge for those with Asperger Profiles and their families. Hover or click on the photos below to explore some of the services that we provide at OurTism:


Want to learn more about navigating life with an Autism/Asperger profile? Find out what workshops we have scheduled.
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Life Management Assistance Program Offers intensive, highly individualized coaching with a focus on identifying and overcoming the specific barriers each client faces. Find out what LifeMAP service is for you.
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Support Groups

Meet others who get it! Whether you are loved one or an individual with an Autism/Asperger profile we have a support group for you.
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Weekly Facebook Live

Chloe Estelle hosts Starlight talks every week to discussing life with Autism/Asperger’s.
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See our full list of services on our Services page.
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