We're different. At OurTism, our values drive everything we do.

Listen and honor

all individuals and their needs

Create an environment

of collaboration and respect

Create a fun, comfortable

and safe space for all

A place where

everyone's voice is important

And that's why all of our programs are designed or implemented by someone with Autism/Asperger's.

Who we are

Our mission is to listen, empower, and validate Asperger Profile adults and their families in a safe community where skills and tools are shared to build purpose-ful, meaningful, and harmonious lives.

This is achieved through a person-centered plan, educational life skills workshops, socialization, and support groups led by Specialists and individuals with Asperger Profiles.

What we do

We call our services the OurTism advantage: A transformative bridge for those with Asperger Profiles and their families. Here at OurTism, we provide the following services:

  • LifeMAP: Life Management Assistance
  • Parent Coaching
  • Support Groups
  • Social Groups
  • Workshops / Seminars
  • Community-based Programs
  • Internships
  • Consultations

Meet our team

Gail Carrier

Gail Carrier



Annette Lombardi, MSW

Executive Director of Services

Chloe Estelle is a co-founder of OurTism

Chloe Estelle


Lillian Carrier is a co-founder of OurTism

Lillian Carrier


Charlie Zuker is a Community Outreach Advocate at OurTism

Charlie Zuker

Community Outreach Advocate

Lillian Carrier is a co-founder of OurTism

Lillian Carrier


Meet our partners

We want to thank our donors and community partners for supporting our vision to create a place where individuals with an Autism/Asperger profile are respected, valued, and thrive.

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