Chloe Estelle

Special Interest

While my cousins were running around, playing tag and pretend and hide and seek- I was sat with my nose in a book. When my family went on vacations- I was sat with my nose in a book. While my peers were listening to the teacher’s lecture- I was sat with my nose in a book. Whenever I had a chance to read, I was reading.

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Chloe Estelle

A Parent’s Judgment

I was so excited. You took me to a restaurant with you. A fancy restaurant. You said that I was a big kid now. You said I am able to handle things that I wasn’t able to when I was little. I was so excited.

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Chloe Estelle

Superheroes and Service Dogs

I have a dog, his name is Benji and he is not like any other dog. If you’ve read the title, you’ve probably figured out that he is a service dog. He was trained for a long period time by professionals and he was trained specifically for me. When I decided that I was going to switch schools and move across the country, I decided this was the moment that I needed a service dog.

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