Gail Carrier

Stay A Sprinkle

Stay A Sprinkle: High School Speech (2015) Written by Lillian Carrier Being an outcast is something most people fear. I have never had an issue with it. My mind has always put the strange and weird into a category of great things. I feel complimented when people call me weird. This may seem strange to most people, but take for instance the term “Normal”. I don’t think anyone wants to be called “Normal”, or any

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Mom and daughter Laughing
Chloe Estelle

The Land of Fear and What Ifs

The Land of Fear and What Ifs Co Authored by Chloe Estelle and Gail Carrier So, first day of school. We all remember that right? The importance of that first impression, leading to picking out the first day outfit. All the effort going into what things could possible go wrong. What if I walk into the wrong classroom? What if I sit with the wrong people? What if I forget my pencil? What if I

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Chloe Estelle

Special Interest

While my cousins were running around, playing tag and pretend and hide and seek- I was sat with my nose in a book. When my family went on vacations- I was sat with my nose in a book. While my peers were listening to the teacher’s lecture- I was sat with my nose in a book. Whenever I had a chance to read, I was reading.

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