Why Are We So Quick To Villainies The Label Of Autism?

Why are we so quick to villainies the label of autism? When someone achieves something, we say they overcame their autism. All my achievements have come from my strengths due to having autism. My achievements in life have happened due to having autism. Yes parts of my autism get in my way at times and I have to overcome those parts of autism, but I also have strengths that give me the ability to do

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OurTism Has A Home With The Friendship Foundation

OurTism, partnering with the Friendship Foundation, is offering an exciting new program empowering adults with an Asperger’s syndrome or similar autism spectrum profiles. We incorporate various evidence based, personalized strategies to help individuals and the people who love them lead a more purposeful and satisfactory life. We are excited to be launching an individualized coaching program called LifeMap with 10 years of proven successes. LifeMap is a person-centered plan which determines appropriate goals and strategies;

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The Violence Of Happiness

This is a guest post by Charlie Zuker. Happiness is a violent emotion in me. It’s a stewing feeling, ready to burst at any moment. But it can’t. Humans are social creatures. We long to share our emotions with others. But happiness is a violent emotion in me, so I can’t share it. I lock it in a jar and put it inside me, but it slips out into a sudden jog as I begin

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The World Is Loud Sometimes

The world is very loud sometimes. It’s always telling me things. It thinks everything it has to say is so important. Like that fan over there, it’s spinning and buzzing. I heard it the first time the universe let me know it was there and what it was doing, but it has to keep informing me. So I am having a hard time listening to this very important conversation. The world doesn’t think this conversation

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We are so excited to be launching LifeMap: Life~Management~Assistance~Program LifeMap is intensive, individualized coaching for high school and post-high school adults who have Asperger syndrome or a related profile. Our coaches work with clients to identify appropriate goals and then develop strategies that build upon existing strengths and skills to meet those goals. For example, we have helped clients with everything from basic life skills (such as proper hygiene), transitioning to college, searching for a

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Autism Anthem

Chloe Estelle is a 21 yr old film student with Autism. Here is a beautiful video she made showing Asperger’s/Autism in film and television.

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Chloe Estelle

Chloe Estelle Shares Some Insights On Why She Had Tantrums.

Tantrums Its been a long time since I had a meltdown like this. I remember that feeling though. Of not wanting to do something so bad that I would just repeat “no” over and over if not out loud then in my head. “No, I don’t want to go. Don’t make me go. I can’t go.” over and over and over. There was this fear that was so massive, I can’t even explain. And it

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“I’m Sorry You Have Autism”

So my life revolves around autism or maybe autism revolves around me. Whichever it is, autism is a huge part of my life. I can’t escape it and I have accepted that. So as it goes, I was at he Walking Dead premiere and the man who sat in front of me had an eye patch on. At first I thought it might be a Woodbury reference, but he wasn’t in costume. Either way, he

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Moving in to College

Last year was my first of college (or university for those outside the USA.) I normally do everything with my twin sister. We lost out first tooth together. We went from pre-school to elementary school together and then from elementary to middle school together, and finally to high school. This was the first time I was doing something without her. She took a gap year and I attended college. I remember calling her and she

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Schools Back in Session – Lets Talk Accommodations

WHAT ARE CLASS ROOM ACCOMMODATIONS? Accommodations are changes that make it easier for your child to learn. They don’t change what your child is learning accommodations are designed to give students different ways to learn and demonstrate knowledge of the same material as other students their age. For example, my daughter, Chloe is a slow processor and was failing written tests but when given the same test verbally, she knew everything. Modifying the presentation of

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Chloe Estelle

What I’ve learned from having yellow hair.

Maybe it has to do with having autism, maybe it doesn’t, but the process of bleaching my head was so uncomfortable. I was in tears at a few points during this process. I went in with eyes wide open, of all the possibilities that could go wrong. I kept asking myself if it was going to worth it. When the dye was washed from my hair and my hair was dried and I saw the

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