Schools Back in Session – Lets Talk Accommodations

WHAT ARE CLASS ROOM ACCOMMODATIONS? Accommodations are changes that make it easier for your child to learn. They don’t change what your child is learning accommodations are designed to give students different ways to learn and demonstrate knowledge of the same material as other students their age. For example, my daughter, Chloe is a slow processor and was failing written tests but when given the same test verbally, she knew everything. Modifying the presentation of

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Chloe Estelle

What I’ve learned from having yellow hair.

Maybe it has to do with having autism, maybe it doesn’t, but the process of bleaching my head was so uncomfortable. I was in tears at a few points during this process. I went in with eyes wide open, of all the possibilities that could go wrong. I kept asking myself if it was going to worth it. When the dye was washed from my hair and my hair was dried and I saw the

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