Moving in to College

Last year was my first of college (or university for those outside the USA.) I normally do everything with my twin sister. We lost out first tooth together. We went from pre-school to elementary school together and then from elementary to middle school together, and finally to high school. This was the first time I was doing something without her. She took a gap year and I attended college. I remember calling her and she couldn’t relate to what I was going through. That had never happened before. Not about something this huge.

I asked so many questions my first week. I got to know people very quickly who could help me out. I made sure I was receiving any accommodations I needed. I wanted to make sure to start out strong, and I did. I felt grown up living on my own. Just doing small things, like getting myself up in the morning made me feel independent and older. I felt like there was so much I could do, that I hadn’t realized I could do. So I questioned what really was possible. My horizons grew.

College 2nd year.

All the nerves that I struggled with last year were gone. I knew what to expect and that made this year so much easier. It felt like I was returning home. Summer was strange, I missed working on film projects all the time. I missed my friends who I had grown so close to and spent every day with. I missed having my own space to do things that I wanted when I wanted. But the food was so much better and so was the TV and all the physical space, that was nice too. My parents had also moved into a new house which started to feel like home, but it’s hard settling in when I’ve lived in the same house since I was two and only have memories of that place being home.
So returning to college was like returning home. Although, I have to admit, I do miss my animals the most. It’s strange not having any pets with me.

I like having a schedule. So, school is nice because I pretty much know what I will be doing every second of the day. Well, mostly, college life is very spur of the moment. Plans don’t happen in advance a lot. You get a notice, “Hey I’m doing this now. Want to join me?” So what I mean to say is, I know when my free time is. I have less of it than my friends because I know after having a few classes that I’ll need some recharge time. But I know that and it will be part of my schedule.

This year my little sister and her boyfriend helped move me in. Lillian, my twin sister, started college this year and moved in before me. I plan to visit her on weekends. Tess and her boyfriend Tyler are going to be seniors in high school. They helped me organize and hang pictures. They made fun of me for the two crooked ones I tried to hang myself. Which I agree, is funny. I can’t seem to hang anything straight. My dad took us to eat before he left with Tess and Tyler. We had a really nice time. I didn’t think it could be so fun, moving in.

I’m so excited to be back and learning about my chosen field. I learned so much last year. A lot of it academic, most of it not. I can’t wait to see what I learn this year. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. Especially since there was a time in my life when I didn’t think I’d graduate high school. Now, look at me in college! I’m so proud of myself. I’ll end with a quote by Carrie Hope Fletcher: “For those who said I’d never get anywhere in life and those who never doubted for a second that I would. Without either of you, I wouldn’t be here. Thank you.” Thank you to my parents and so many others who allowed me to walk my crooked journey all the way to this point. I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.

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