OurTism Has A Home With The Friendship Foundation

OurTism, partnering with the Friendship Foundation, is offering an exciting new program empowering adults with an Asperger’s syndrome or similar autism spectrum profiles. We incorporate various evidence based, personalized strategies to help individuals and the people who love them lead a more purposeful and satisfactory life.

We are excited to be launching an individualized coaching program called LifeMap with 10 years of proven successes. LifeMap is a person-centered plan which determines appropriate goals and strategies; building upon the individuals strengths, skills and interest. Working collaboratively with caregivers, therapists and psychologists creates a unique and effective roadmap for successful outcomes.

Areas often focused on throughout the process are executive functioning skills, relationships building, transitioning to college, searching for a job, stress reduction techniques, living independently and much more.

Our coaches are educated and trained in various healthcare professions, such as social work, psychology and certified by Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) in Massachusetts, who have been working with this population for 20 years.

Schedule your free 30-minute consultation today!

We look forward to being part of your community!

What’s Coming in 2018

January 25 – Support Group

February 11 – Enneagram Workshop


(310) 214-7852 *2108 Vail Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA 90278 * https://www.ourtism.com

/A member of the Giving Back Fund Family of charities, Tax ID 04-03367888, a not-for-profit corporation with federal tax-exempt status from the IRS under section 501(C)(3)

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