What I’ve learned from having yellow hair.

Maybe it has to do with having autism, maybe it doesn’t, but the process of bleaching my head was so uncomfortable. I was in tears at a few points during this process.

I went in with eyes wide open, of all the possibilities that could go wrong. I kept asking myself if it was going to worth it.

When the dye was washed from my hair and my hair was dried and I saw the yellow… it was definitely worth it. I’m so happy with how it turned out.

You don’t know how terrible something is until you try it. You also don’t know how wonderful something is until you try it. You can guess and predict all you want. But until you adventure out and try it, you don’t know.

Now I feel like a Thunderbird and look like a Hufflepuff. And I can’t wait to see what adventure I will go on next.

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