Why Are We So Quick To Villainies The Label Of Autism?

Why are we so quick to villainies the label of autism? When someone achieves something, we say they overcame their autism.

All my achievements have come from my strengths due to having autism. My achievements in life have happened due to having autism. Yes parts of my autism get in my way at times and I have to overcome those parts of autism, but I also have strengths that give me the ability to do amazing things.

When I fail, yes it can be due to traits of autism, but most of the time it feels like my failures are due to the treatment I receive from outside sources, not the internal.

There is a reason a lot of people with autism want to keep it a secret. We need to stop using autism as a label for why people do things or don’t do things. We are putting restrictions, on people, that don’t need to exist.

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