The Violence Of Happiness

This is a guest post by Charlie Zuker. Happiness is a violent emotion in me. It’s a stewing feeling, ready to burst at any moment. But it can’t. Humans are

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The World Is Loud Sometimes

The world is very loud sometimes. It’s always telling me things. It thinks everything it has to say is so important. Like that fan over there, it’s spinning and buzzing.

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We are so excited to be launching LifeMap: Life~Management~Assistance~Program LifeMap is intensive, individualized coaching for high school and post-high school adults who have Asperger syndrome or a related profile. Our

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Autism Anthem

Chloe Estelle is a 21 yr old film student with Autism. Here is a beautiful video she made showing Asperger’s/Autism in film and television.

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Moving in to College

Last year was my first of college (or university for those outside the USA.) I normally do everything with my twin sister. We lost out first tooth together. We went

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