None of this would be possible without your support.

Your donation will make a huge impact on helping Autistic individuals lead purposeful, meaningful and harmonious lives. With your funding they will always bee at the center of all our programs — including our commitment to having Autistics involved in the design or implementation of each program we offer.


How your donation helps

would go toward support groups, socials where our clients are enabled the opportunity to talk, laugh, and build friendships
would be used in support of the intake / coaching for new clients
would sponsor a workshop
would sponsor 30 individuals with LifeMAP Coaching

Other ways to get involved

There are may ways to be involved with OurTism and to support our programs.

Become a referral partner

Refer parents and Asperger Profile individuals 18 years and older to our services

Provide opportunities to those with Asperger's

Talk with us about providing internships and job opportunities

Become a volunteer or intern

Work with OurTism directly by helping us with marketing, workshop curriculum, administrative support, or your unique gifts

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