Starlight Talks with Chloe Estelle

Online Event

Chloe Estelle hosts Starlight talks every week to discussing life with Autism/Asperger’s. Each Wednesday, Chloe will speak about a topic with a guest followed by a question and answer on Instagram Live.

Online Parent/Caregiver Coffee

Online Event

**Every first week of the month**

We know you are so busy trying to get everything in place for your kid’s but sometimes you forget about yourselves. Let’s change that and start some self care and get together once a month for coffee. Give yourself the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with those who get it.


Online Friday Game Night

Online Event

If you are an adult with an Autism/Asperger profile and you’re developing a case of cabin fever, join us for an evening of interactive games.


Spectrum Experience Online Workshop, Hosted by Chloe Estelle & Lillian Carrier

Online Event

If you have just been diagnosed or have had a diagnosis for years and find the information out there is confusing, you are not alone. We were there. Learning what autism is like learning an entirely new language and culture. We have done all the research and will break things down in a much simpler and more entertaining way.