• Chloe Estelle
    Chloe Estelle
    Founder of OurTism

    Chloe Estelle is the Founder of OurTism, a writer, blogger, filmmaker, photographer, and Asperger’s specialist. She runs a weekly live stream called Starlight Talks where she discusses various topics related to autism. She is beginning a mentorship program through

    Chloe’s struggles growing up were invisible to those around her. She didn’t understand the structure of school or social interactions. Chloe was placed in slower classes. Assessments did not capture her true intellectual abilities. This pattern continued and worsened until her grades started dropping and she struggled until she was finally diagnosed at age 16. The diagnoses was a relief that there was a reason for so many of life’s struggles. It still took a while to find the right therapies and practices that would allow her to live a healthy life. Taking what she learned, she is now able to share her experience with the world and hopefully end the struggles of those on the spectrum earlier in their life.

Next Occurrence

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Mar 19 2020


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm



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Support Group

Online Women’s Support Group

Join Chloe Estelle and other adults with AS or related profiles in an atmosphere of support and understanding.

This group is for all individuals 18+ who identify as female.

***please note that Ourtism reserves thr right to cancel this event if the minimum number of registrants (4) is not met by the deadline***

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