• Chloe Estelle
    Chloe Estelle
    Founder of OurTism

    Chloe Estelle is the Founder of OurTism, a writer, blogger, filmmaker, photographer, and Asperger’s specialist. She runs a weekly live stream called Starlight Talks where she discusses various topics related to autism. She is beginning a mentorship program through

    Chloe’s struggles growing up were invisible to those around her. She didn’t understand the structure of school or social interactions. Chloe was placed in slower classes. Assessments did not capture her true intellectual abilities. This pattern continued and worsened until her grades started dropping and she struggled until she was finally diagnosed at age 16. The diagnoses was a relief that there was a reason for so many of life’s struggles. It still took a while to find the right therapies and practices that would allow her to live a healthy life. Taking what she learned, she is now able to share her experience with the world and hopefully end the struggles of those on the spectrum earlier in their life.

  • Lillian Carrier
    Lillian Carrier
    Founder of OurTism

    Lillian Carrier is an actress. She has a reoccurring role on FreeForm’s “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay” and is the shows autism consultant. Lillian is the Founder of OurTism and an integral part of the designing, and implementation of its programming and co-leads a weekly support group for Adults with an Asperger profile.

    Lillian was diagnosed with Asperger’s at the age of 16 after many misdiagnoses. She developed Crohn’s disease at the age of 10 which is why it is thought her Asperger’s was overlooked. Lillian struggled in school socially, emotionally and intellectually with what she was told was anxiety. Once receiving the Asperger’s diagnosis so many things made sense, but the treatments given did not. Lillian is grateful for her mom’s belief in her and continued determination in finding alternative ways of support.

    As Lillian came out of what we call defense mode she could articulate what was going on with her in those dark days. This ability of translating her experiences in a way that others can understand is how she hopes to help individuals with Autism/Asperger’s and their families.


2108 Vail Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
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Mar 22 2020


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm



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Spectrum Experience


Description of Workshop

Autism is a spectrum and yes we are all individuals and we validate that, but autism does come with a set of traits that those diagnosed all experience in some form of another. This workshop will break down exactly what is the autism spectrum experience by speakers who experience the spectrum personally.

 and have seen all the scientific articles about what you have and find the language way over your head- you are not alone. We were there. Learning what autism is is like leaning an entire new language and culture. We have done all the research and will break things down in well in a much more simple way and a much more entertaining way.

Most importantly this workshop is geared specifically for those of you on the spectrum. We of course encourage parents and caregivers and friends with a special loved one to attend. This specific workshop is tailored specifically to those on the spectrum to understand themselves.

***Scholarship Available Upon Request***