Autism Coaching

Which Autism Coaching is the right one for you?

Autism Coaching For Adults:

Autism Coaching for Adults program offers intensive, highly individualized coaching with a focus on identifying and overcoming the specific barriers each client faces. Through one-on-one support sessions, coaches help their clients perform executive functioning (organization/planning) tasks, access social opportunities, acquire skills necessary for employment, and more.

Areas of Support May Include:

  • Identify individual strengths, interests, and qualifications
  • Improve social and soft skills for building personal and professional relationships
  • Identifying best places of employment and developing skills for the workplace
  • Executive function in daily life, time management, organizational skills
  • Establishing routines to support independent living and participating in community life
  • Assessing social opportunities and community resources
  • Regulation of emotions and managing anxiety
  • Self-advocacy and strategic disclosure of the disability
  • Self-awareness to build on personal strengths and minimize challenges
  • Establishing and effectively using a support network

Autism Coaching For Teens:

Transitioning to college or work life is daunting for everyone. Teens with the unique strengths and challenges of Autism can benefit from individualized work with a coach. Through this one-on-one coaching model, we aim to reduce the stress that goes hand-in-hand with being an Autistic teen and build skills to help navigate the transition to adulthood.

Coaches and clients, working in collaboration with parents identify the specific hurdles unique to each teenage client. Coaches help their clients devise and implement sustainable systems for success, relying on individual strengths, interests, and talents. Together they create opportunities for personal growth and lay the foundations for successful transitions to adulthood.

Areas of Support May Include:

  • Manage assignments
  • Develop study skills
  • Prepare for college
  • Create plans for after graduation
  • Enter or Manage employment
  • Balance Academic and social demands
  • Manage personal finances
  • Improve eating and sleeping
  • Pursue a driver’s license or travel training
  • Practice stress management
  • Improve social skills
  • Create a support system within the community

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